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A regional South Asia Training the Trainers workshop was held in Bangkok in April on tools designed to support the development of monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) systems. The workshop was primarily organized by the GOFC-GOLD office, with close support from the UN-REDD Programme, the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, SilvaCarbon, the GFOI Office, the Government of Australia and others. The workshop assembled a group of regional leaders and provided targeted training in the use of the overarching REDDcompass (MGD web app), the training modules from the GOFC-GOLD source book, the World Bank’s Decision Support Tool (DST) and various other linked products. This was the first of three planned workshops on this topic in 2016, with others planned for Peru in July and Ethiopia in September.

The workshop was attended by approximately 40 participants from 11 different countries and supporting organizations across South Asia, all of whom were collectively identified by the organizing partners based on existing relationships. The key objective was to train leaders in the use of these tools so that they can go back to their countries to train other representatives and generally disseminate the value of these tools in supporting systematic approaches to developing forest monitoring and MRV systems.

Having existing experts and leaders from the region created an overall engaged and productive working environment. In general, participants asked well targeted questions which showed genuine interest in the products and the application in their countries.

The methodology of the workshop provided a valuable approach for integrated capacity building.  It allowed for international experts to connect at an appropriate level with existing regional experts who can now go back to their countries and deliver targeted training using their own local knowledge, languages and customs that can hopefully best align with country needs.


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