Uganda's National REDD+ Academy

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Created on 12 October 2016


Uganda hosted Africa's first National REDD+ Academy from 11-15 July, 2016. Forty participants took part in the training, including representatives from the Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Justice, National Forestry Authority, civil society, the private sector and academia. In an innovative capacity-building feature of this national-level event, national experts presented alongside global and regional REDD+ advisors on each of the Academy's 12 modules.

National Experts walked participants through the REDD+ landscape in Uganda, from the carbon cycle and drivers of deforestation to approaches to finance and stakeholder engagement, NFMS and safeguards. The sessions looked to deepen the understanding of REDD+ implementation in Uganda through the development of trained instructors and the creation of country-specific training resources. Moving forward, Uganda will expand on the National REDD+ Academy and conduct additional capacity building training for REDD+ stakeholders.

These National REDD+ Academy events support the country in developing a pool of REDD+ experts, and complement Uganda's five-year Norway-backed programme “Building capacity for REDD+ in East Africa for improved ecosystem health and for sustainable livelihoods in Eastern Africa (REDD-EA)” which aims at incorporating REDD+ in university courses, conducting research and generating information on REDD+.

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