The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has sponsored the preparation of a REDD-plus briefing paper for negotiators from developing countries in advance of the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. Previous papers with more background about the REDD-plus negotiations can also be found at FIELD’s website, including ‘Quick Tips’ for new negotiators.


All documents are available in English, French and Spanish at


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The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation was established in 2000 to seek to improve the quality of life of future generations.

The Moore Foundation has approved grants to REDD projects in :

*Bolivia (subnational) : indigenous communal lands, with involvment of indigenous community organizations in program design, implementation, and administration.

*Colombia (national and subnational): deployment of technical and operational ability to design, baseline, monitor and support REDD projects.

It is also active in supporting the design of a comprehensive terrestrial carbon approach.