Forest Day 3 Learning Events

Sunday 13 December, Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel and Conference Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark


Scope of the global climate agreement: Emerging lessons from current REDD activities

Co-hosts: World Bank, Environmental Defense Fund, UN-REDD Programme



What are the potential social effects of REDD initiatives, and how can such initiatives recognise the rights and roles of indigenous and local communities?

Co-hosts: United Nations Development Programme, Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance, The Energy and Resources Institute



Financing for forests and climate change: Integrating the social, economic and environmental aspects

Co-hosts: United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat, Global Environment Facility Secretariat, International Tropical Timber Organization, Ministry of the Environment, Norway, International Institute for Environment and Development



Measuring and monitoring, baselines and leakage

Co-hosts: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, International Tropical Timber Organization, Ministry of the Environment, Norway, Office National des Forêts International, UN-REDD Programme



Boreal and temperate forests: What will happen? What actions should be taken?

Co-hosts: International Union of Forest Research Organizations, European Forest Institute



Governance and institutional capacity for adaptation and mitigation

Co-hosts: CIFOR, Transparency International, SNV, Netherlands Development Organisation



Landscape approaches to mitigation and adaptation

Co-hosts: World Agroforestry Centre, The Nature Conservancy, World Bank




Co-hosts: Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, UN-REDD Programme, Secretariat of the Global Environment Facility, Conservation International



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