Country Area : 475,650 km2

Forested Area (1000 ha) : 18,816

UN-REDD Programme Partner Country : Yes (as of December 2011)

Type of UN-REDD Programme Support Received : Targeted support

FCPF Member : Yes

Active FCPF Grant Holder: Yes

Readiness Grant Holder: Yes

Carbon Fund: No

Support to collaboration on governance with related initiatives

Governance (cross-cutting issue, Warsaw Framework pillars)
Targeted support has been provided on stakeholder participation in forest governance and has resulted in the establishment of a joint multi-stakeholder REDD+/FLEGT platform. Linkages between REDD+ and FLEGT processes were strengthened through, for example, a national workshop on FLEGT-Voluntary Partnership Agreement / REDD+ mechanisms, exchange meetings and regular information bulletins. (Implementation completed).

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Total Approved Targeted Support Amount (US$) 35,800
#   Timeline   Financial Information   Work Area (SNA Outcome)
Date of Request 01.07.2013
Date of Approval 21.08.2013
Implementation Period (Months) 17
Status Completed
Amount Requested US$ 35,800
Amount Approved US$ 35,800
UN Agency Providing Support


Lead National Institution: Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development – Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


  1. Awareness raised among relevant stakeholders on the linkages between REDD+ and FLEGT and their participation in the processes encouraged.

  2. Regular information-sharing between REDD+ and FLEGT processes and stakeholders promoted in the context of cross-sectoral coordination.

  3. Good practices developed by the FLEGT process identified and used to enhance the REDD+ mechanism.

  4. REDD+ and the FLEGT teams trained jointly.

5. Joint REDD+-FLEGT activities developed and implemented.

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