Country Area : 118,484 km2

Forested Area (1000 ha) : 3,147

UN-REDD Programme Partner Country : Yes

Type of UN-REDD Programme Support Received : Targeted support

FCPF Member : No

Active FCPF Grant Holder: No

Readiness Grant Holder: No

Carbon Fund: No


To bring together results of work in 2015 and 2016, Malawi hosted a national REDD+ conference with the aim of reviewing actions on the REDD+ Action Plan and to present the REDD+ Strategy Development Roadmap. It brought together approximately 70 participants. The roadmap draws on previously developed deliverables: an NFMS roadmap, an institutional context analysis, a stakeholder engagement and participation strategy and a corruption risk assessment. With UN-REDD Programme support, the results of work for a review of the legal and policy environment and a tenure analysis were presented to stakeholders and approved by the Forest Department for publication prior to the event.


With the reduction in the UN-REDD Programme’s assistance to Malawi, other donors have stepped in to support components of the country’s REDD+ strategy and allow for some continuity. Notably, the USAID-funded PERFORM Project includes a component on REDD+ forest monitoring and governance and, thanks to effective collaboration and information sharing, is following up on some of the recommendations developed with UN-REDD Programme support.

(Update Annual Report 2016)

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Total Approved Targeted Support Amount (US$) 250,956
#   Timeline   Financial Information   Work Area (SNA Outcome)
Date of Request 19.11.2014
Date of Approval 15.12.2014
Implementation Period (Months) 10
Status Completed
Amount Requested US$ 250,956
Amount Approved US$ 250,956
UN Agency Providing Support
MRV and Monitoring


Lead National Institution: Department of Forestry.


1.  Institutional Context Analysis undertaken that will inform the development of a stakeholder engagement and participation strategy.

2.  Corruption Risk Assessment conducted to support improved forest governance and inform the design and modification of REDD+ pillars related to accountability and transparency policies.

3.  Analysis of resource tenure regimes undertaken.

4. Roadmap developed that will identify and prioritize key next steps in the design, implementation, and management of a NFMS.


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