Country Area : 1,964,375 km2

Forested Area (1000 ha) : 66,040

UN-REDD Programme Partner Country : Yes

Type of UN-REDD Programme Support Received : Targeted support, Support to country needs assessment (CNA)

FCPF Member : Yes

Active FCPF Grant Holder: Yes

Readiness Grant Holder: Yes

Carbon Fund: Yes

Support under the Warsaw Framework for REDD+

Mexico is a pioneer on developing a robust National REDD+ Safeguards System (SNS) which includes institutional, legal and compliance framework as well as the SIS. Several countries in
the region and other regions are learning from this process. The SNS serves both the UNFCCC process and the FCPF safeguards requirements. Targeted support is being provided to safeguards,
NFMS and The Virtual Center of Excellence for Forest Monitoring (CEVMF). Mexico also participated in the regional needs assessment in Mesoamerica. (Section 3.49)

National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS)
Support is being provided to data generation for GHG estimates for the LULUCF sector; institutionalizing of data generation, involving institutions such as the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) (and to the technical platform for collection, dissemination and knowledge transfer on forest monitoring (CEVFM). (In preparation phase).

Safeguards and Safeguards Information System (SIS)
Initial targeted support assisted the country in preparations for its SIS including a review of the conceptual approach to the national safeguards system and developed plans for further developing the national safeguards system (NSS), including the SIS. Additional support was provided in 2015 supporting CONAFOR capacity for coordination and implementation of safeguards related topics increased through the support. There is a common understanding of, and strengthening of, capacities on safeguards and SIS. This stemmed from discussions and working sessions at national and subnational level through public consultations of the REDD+ national strategy, following a multi-sectoral approach, including representatives from Ministries of Environment, Agriculture, Land and Rural Development, Climate Change, Protected Areas. A panel was set up on the NSS and SIS to create a forum for information and dialogue and recommendations from 42 participants from civil society, academia and government. Existing information systems and reporting mechanisms being analyzed provide information on how REDD+ safeguards are being addressed and respected. An institutional and compliance framework analyses and matrix for legal framework and GRM and dispute resolution have been completed.

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Key Contacts

Regional Technical Advisor, Food and Agriculture Organizaton of the United Nations (FAO)
Regional Technical Advisor, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (PNUD)
REDD Programme Officer, UNEP/DEPI

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Total Approved Targeted Support Amount (US$) 800,000
#   Timeline   Financial Information   Work Area (SNA Outcome)
Date of Request 25.07.2014
Date of Approval 25.08.2014
Implementation Period (Months) 16
Status Under Implementation
Amount Requested US$ 650,000
Amount Approved US$ 650,000
UN Agency Providing Support
Safeguards and Multiple Benefits


Lead National Institution: CONAFOR



  1. Institutional framework relevant for country approach to safeguards identified and analyzed, determining capacities and responsibilities of relevant institutions to ensure the application and reporting of the safeguards.

  2. Compliance framework relevant for country approach to safeguards identified and analyzed.

  3. The safeguards articulated in view of how to be applied through the existing legal, compliance, and institutional framework, with feedback from civil society and other relevant actors

  4. Proposal developed for operation of SNS and SIS between national and state levels.

  5. SIS designed.

  6. Results of each step disseminated, including feedback from key stakeholders and/or participatory platforms.


#   Timeline   Financial Information   Work Area (SNA Outcome)
Date of Request 19.11.2015
Date of Approval 18.12.2015
Implementation Period (Months) 12
Status Under Implementation
Amount Requested US$ 700,000
Amount Approved US$ 150,000
UN Agency Providing Support
MRV and Monitoring


Lead National Institution: CONAFOR -(Comisión Nacional Forestal) and INEGI



  1. Generation of activity data with high thematic certainty for GHG estimates for the LULUCF sector developed from Landsat and RapidEye images.

  2. Institutionalization of activity data generation in the phase of post-production, which will involve the relevant institutions in Mexico, such as CONAFOR (National Forest Council) and INEGI (Statistics and Geography Institute).

3. Launch the Virtual Center for Forest Monitoring Excellence (CEVMF), which is a technological platform for collection, dissemination and knowledge transfer on forest monitoring

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