The UN-REDD Programme uses a variety of Communication tools to share valuable REDD+ related information. This includes the regular production of publications including technical or policy briefs, lessons learned, annual reports, etc. The Programme also produces informative videos on national and global REDD+ issues and is active across leading social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where stakeholders can access a wealth of breaking news and information. The Programme’s blog also provides space for REDD+ experts to share their individual perspectives.

All of these Communication tools offer stakeholders varying levels of information and technical guidance on REDD+, meeting their diverse needs.

The main Communication platform of the Programme is its website: This public site offers audiences an introduction to the Programme and its support mechanisms, as well as information about its partners and donors, key work areas, and aspects of the Programme’s work. REDD+ practitioners can access technical information on the UN-REDD Programme Online Collaborative Workspace.

Media relations are also provided by the Programme’s Communication function, including tools and resources for media covering REDD+ issues.

The UN-REDD Programme also produces a bi-monthly newsletter, The REDD+ Resource, which features the latest REDD+ news, UN-REDD Programme announcements, partner country experiences, access to the latest publications, etc.

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The UN-REDD Programme regularly organizes and participates in national, regional and global events. This includes hosting knowledge exchanges, technical workshops, side events at annual UNFCCC COPs, etc.


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Ms. Maddie West ()
Knowledge Management Consultant, UN-REDD Programme
Mr. Thilal Nanayakkara ()
Communications Specialist, REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat
Ms. Sonia González ()
KM/Communications consultant, ONU REDD+
Alice Van der Elstraeten ()
Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist , UN-REDD Programme

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