Knowledge management is understood within the UN-REDD Programme to be a systematic approach for enabling knowledge to flow effectively and efficiently so as to achieve agreed objectives. It is a set of technological and non-technological tools, processes and methods that help people to efficiently create, capture, share, adapt and use knowledge to achieve their goals. Knowledge management aims to help capture, dissemination and sharing of existing knowledge but also the creation, dissemination and sharing of new knowledge – and is, hence, linked closely with innovation and communications.

It has been recognized that the knowledge needs of REDD+ developing countries are shifting. This is due to technical REDD+ knowledge becoming more advanced, the experiential knowledge of countries that have progressed on REDD+ having increased, and the defining of UNFCCC REDD+ requirements.

Without access to relevant knowledge, a real risk exists that countries will not be able to meet these UNFCCC requirements to realize results-based actions or results-based payments, or use REDD+ to catalyze sustainable development.

In response, the UN-REDD Programme is strengthening the delivery of knowledge management support for 2016-2020 to partner countries, to assist them in accessing knowledge for REDD+ readiness and implementation and providing well-documented, evidence-based knowledge on REDD+. This includes capturing and disseminating best practices on REDD+ readiness and implementation. The UN-REDD Programme also provides cost-effective, technical advisory services, supported by an open and easily accessible knowledge management platform and expanded South-South knowledge sharing arrangements. This supports countries to progressively improve their actions and capacity on REDD+ preparedness and implementation. The Programme has also developed the REDD+ Academy, a curriculum-based REDD+ learning resource.

The main knowledge management platform of the UN-REDD Programme is its Collaborative Online Workspace. This platform provides both UN-REDD Programme partner countries and the larger REDD+ community of practitioners with access to the latest REDD+ technical information and tools, and also supports users to connect and dialogue with each other to encourage the exchange of REDD+ knowledge and experiences.

Within this context of supporting country knowledge needs for REDD+ readiness and implementation, the proposed 2016-2020 knowledge management vision for the UN-REDD Programme is:

The UN-REDD Programme partner countries develop REDD+ readiness and implementation capacities aligned with UNFCCC requirements, through the systematic identification, capture and sharing of REDD+ related knowledge.”


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Mr. Florian Eisele (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Global Communications and KM Coordinator, UN-REDD Programme
Ms. Griet Ingrid Dierckxsens (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Africa regional KM and communications specialist, UN-REDD Programme
Mr. Michael Muratha (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Associate Communication Officer, UN-REDD Programme

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