The UN-REDD Programme’s Country Needs Assessment (CNA) modality of support was implemented as part of the Programme’s 2011-2015 strategy. It is designed to enable developing countries that are not supported by the Programme’s National Programmes modality of support, to assess their REDD+ readiness and prioritize technical, financial and administrative needs.  It is also intended to enable enhanced tailoring of support to countries and to facilitate more integrated and better coordinated REDD+ programmes and readiness activities. 

Following a call for proposals in 2014, seven country proposals and two regional proposals were approved totalling US$1.2 million:

The scope of the proposals varies significantly, with some having a broad scope that assesses REDD+ readiness, gaps and needs for development of a national REDD+ strategy, while others are focused on specific technical topics such as land tenure; carbon rights; designing a national forest monitoring system; measurement, reporting and verification; establishing a reference emission level; stakeholder engagement; institutions involvement; and creating synergies between actors. 

Please find here the basic CNA background documents, as well as the results from each of the assessments as they become available.


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