National Programmes (NPs) are technical cooperation initiatives provided by the UN-REDD Programme at the national level. They are designed to support developing countries’ efforts to prepare and implement comprehensive national REDD+ strategies and serve countries’ REDD+ readiness needs. Through the NPs, the UN-REDD Programme supports governments to prepare national REDD+ strategies, build monitoring systems, engage with stakeholders and assess multiple benefits. Designed collaboratively by a broad range of stakeholders, NPs give priority to developing sustainable national approaches that promote equitable outcomes and to ensuring that countries use reliable methodologies to assess emission reductions. These countries are informed by the technical expertise of FAO, UNDP and UNEP. NPs are identified and led by the host government, who define the scope of activities and roles of the UN organizations. The Programmes are designed to be flexible enough to harmonize with other REDD+ initiatives within the country, and make the most of the comparative advantages of the Participating UN Organizations. The NPs should be designed and assessed on 1) the contribution of the UN-REDD Programme to the national readiness process; 2) the effective engagement of UN agencies at a country level; and 3) the countries’ REDD+ potential.

The NP Cycle has three distinct stages and helps define the NP process from initial scoping through to closure. These include:

  • Stage 1- Scoping: This stage encompasses all of the activities carried out during the six to twelve-month period between the Policy Board deciding that a country should in principle receive funding for an NP and the Board approving the allocation of funding based on submission of a draft National Programme Document (NPD).

  • Stage 2 - Finalization: All of the activities carried out between Policy Board approving the funding allocation and the release of funds from the Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) form part of this stage, which lasts approximately six-months. An important milestone here is the signing of the NPD.

  • Stage 3 - Implementation: This stage covers all the activities carried out during the three months leading up to a country’s NP Inception Report submittal being elaborated, followed by approximately two years of further implementation activities. In addition to inception, this stage also includes a closing ‘sub-stage’.

The UN-REDD Programme Handbook for National Programmes and Other National-Level Activities provides stakeholders with much-needed information on UN-REDD Programme NPs and national-level activities in a centralized and accessible format. The handbook offers guidance on the full range of stages from Programme identification and formulation - including Programme launching (also known as 'inception') - to implementation and evaluation.


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    Closed 3 5 2 10
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    Total Allocated Funds$29,161,870$30,766,190$26,659,607$86,587,667
    Total Transferred$29,134,920$29,473,592$26,659,607$85,268,119
    Total Expenditure$22,474,476$20,031,634$14,897,829$57,403,939
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    Total % Delivery [Transferred]77.14%67.96%55.88%67.32%
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